Calvin Alkins Customs Services Inc. was founded in Barbados in 1994 by Calvin and Nordia Alkins. The company is comprised of experienced customs specialists who offer a variety of brokerage services to meet the changing needs of importers and exporters.

We will clear your goods quickly and efficiently and make sure they comply with product-specific regulations.

As a certified customs broker with 20 years experience in the business, Calvin Alkins has established himself as a knowledgeable and competent customs professional. Calvin started out at 16 years old as gate operator with a trucking company. Over time, as a result of having to solve many different kinds of problems, he realised the inefficiencies in the system of brokerage and clearance. Calvin received training at the Barbados Customs Institute, and is CARICOM certified. Calvin now delivers a full range of reliable services.

Nordia Alkins is a founding member of the company and knows the business from top to bottom. She combines this experience with a background in broadcasting and exceptional communication and management skills, to deliver a high level of customer service and help revolutionise the clearance process.

Jennifer Brathwaite and Allain Hall make up our team of customs clerks. They both have extensive experience in timely clearance and delivery processes.

Efficient and reliable support services are essential to the success of any company. Kimberley Cumberbatch, our office assistant, performs these functions swiftly and accurately.